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Linenhall’s Macmillan Cake sale raises £385 for Charity

Thank you to all our talented bakers and generous donators for supporting Linenhall’s cake sale raising money for and awareness of Macmillan Cancer Support. Another very successful and enjoyable event. If you missed the cake sale but still want to donate to the charity, please use the link below:   … Read More

Legal Wales Conference 2016 Bangor

Linenhall Chambers was pleased to be able to sponsor the Legal Wales Conference which took place on Friday 7th October 2016 at Bangor University. Delegates from across Wales attended to hear and take part in a number of presentations on the theme of ‘Convergence or Divergence’ in Welsh and English law. The Michael Farmer Memorial Lecture was this year delivered by The Rt Hon Lord Justice Davis on ‘Crime and Punishment – some reflections on the Modern Criminal Trial and Sentencing Process’. The Conference was a sell out this year; not surprising bearing in mind the high quality of the speakers. Read More

Chester women believed they committed the “perfect murder”

Two women from Chester have been found guilty of murder and jailed for life following an 18 month plot to commit what they thought was the perfect murder. The trial took place over seven weeks in Preston Crown Court.  The jury were told how the women travelled to Germany to purchase a stun gun and also purchased a knife, a GPS tracking device, disposable “burner” phones, size 10 men’s boots and a car in order to execute the murder. The jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict for both Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh. Mr. Justice Turner sentenced both women to life with a minimum of 30 years and 25 years respectively. Read the full story: … Read More

Linenhall Chambers engage Synergy Technology to implement a new Cloud-based IT platform.

   Synergy Technology have implemented a new Cloud-based IT platform for Linenhall Chambers. They have implemented a cloud solution for Lex, email and data access so that Barristers and Staff are no longer restricted by the traditional, on premise network.  We could not have found a better partner to work with as they have efficiently planned and implemented our project. They genuinely understand how the Bar works, implementing their unique “Bar Sure” digital compliance solution which provides Chambers with full data protection across its members’ contractual, professional and legislative work areas. We look forward to working with Synergy as our IT support provider over the coming months and years. Read More

Frances Willmott – successful acquittal in rape case

Frances Willmott successfully defended an 18 year old accused of raping a 12 year old when he was only 16.  The jury reached not guilty verdicts on all three charges within 15 minutes of retiring.  Frances secured the assistance of an intermediary for the defendant to ensure his effective participation in the trial.   The complainant’s cross-examination was pre-recorded as part of the pilot for pre-recording cross-examinations for child witnesses. Read More

Ben Douglas-Jones represented Crown in Boateng [2016] EWCA Crim 57 decision

Leveson P, Globe and Cheema-Grubb JJ have today handed down an important judgment in Boateng [2016] EWCA Crim 57 in which the Court: held that where the illegal entry into the UK is facilitated, the person whose entry is facilitated does not have to have any mens rea for the breach of immigration law involved; Kaile [2009] EWCA Crim 2868 distinguished; held that it is perfectly proper to indict facilitation by reference to a breach of s.3 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999; analysed where the line should be drawn between technical / drafting errors in an indictment and errors which cause it to become fundamentally flawed; and analysed the difference by nullity of guilty pleas, adding context to Nightingale, and pleas entered following erroneous legal advice where “a clear injustice has been done”. Ben Douglas-Jones appeared for the Crown. Read More

Matthew Dunford successfully prosecutes £800,000 fraud

Matthew Dunford of Linenhall Chambers has successfully prosecuted Mr David Hulme who took £800,000 of public money paid to Padarn Bus Ltd in claims for concessionary fares. Mr David Hulme, former Padarn Bus chief denied the charges of fraud, but was convicted by a jury at Caernarfon Crown Court. Read more about the case: … Read More

James Coutts acts at inquest of death of Denbigh Pensioner John Rogers

James Coutts of Linenhall Chambers appeared at an article 2 inquest into the death of Mr John Rogers. He represented a nurse who admitted making a mistake during treatment at Glan Clwyd Hospital, North Wales. John Rogers was a 78 year old pensioner from Denbigh who died at Glan Clwyd Hospital on 28 March 2015. Mr Rogers had suffered a cardiac arrest. The inquest examined the actions of those who attempted to resuscitate him. The coroner concluded death by natural causes.   Read more in the Daily Post   … Read More

Ben Douglas-Jones in Court of Appeal

Ben Douglas-Jones appeared for the Crown in the conjoined appeals of YY and Nori [2016] EWCA Crim 18 in which the Court of Appeal (Leveson P) today said that the CCRC needs to reconsider its use of the exceptional procedure to refer cases to the Court of Appeal without a previous appeal.  Where the CCRC takes on cases that can be referred directly to the Court of Appeal, resources are not being deployed as efficiently as possible.  More important, detailed consideration of other cases of alleged miscarriage of justice (which have previously exhausted all rights of appeal) is being delayed.   The Court also distinguished the approach to the safety of convictions in appeals based on defective advice where the charge was failing to present a passport not possessing a passport with intent.   … Read More

Gareth Roberts – BBC Four documentary

Gareth Roberts, a criminal barrister at Linenhall Chambers featured in the BBC Four documentary: Prosecutors. You can watch the programme on BBC I-player. … Read More